Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Social Media Tips for Businesses (Part 2)

I wrote about social media tips for businesses a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to include some more ideas! Again, these tips are from a beer brief on social media within the beer industry, but I will keep this general and how social media can be used among all businesses.

First off, there are many 3rd party applications out there for posting to multiple social media platforms, such as HootSuite and TweetDeck. However, think twice about using these because Facebook's algorithm places lower priority on these updates within the newsfeed, and users can opt to hide these updates. While these options sound good in theory since it's a lot to keep up with posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it is best to post directly to each account. If you feel that it is unfeasible to post to all of these accounts, maybe you just keep the accounts that are most successful for your business and disregard the others?? Just a thought.

Tip #2: When all departments are on board with the social media campaign, the company's social media has a much greater opportunity to have valuable social media efforts. This makes sense because if you have insights from various departments/positions at your company, your content will be less predictable and more insightful for your business, which will fare better among social media audiences.

Tip #3: Most successful pages are led by someone who truly wants to be in this position. This also makes sense because enthusiasm (or unenthusiasm) will come across on the page.

Tip #4: Successful social media pages are promoted by adding social media icons to printed materials. Examples of this are adding the icons to the back of trucks, signs outside of offices, flyers for beer tastings and festivals, email signature lines, and employees' business cards. Icons can also be included on websites, such as this beer distributor's website.

Hope these tips are helpful! More info to come soon!

*Source for all content: Verno's Beer Brief, Year 9, Issue 7, September 2012

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