Friday, April 5, 2013

Social Media Stats

Ever wonder if there's an ROI impact with social media? I came across some interesting statistics that provide some insights into ROI for your social media efforts.

According to "Establish KPI Dashboard", a closer look was taken at Bud Light's Facebook page and it's impact on the Bud Light brand. Per household, Bud Light fans on Facebook spend $57.06 per year, which is 35% more than non-fans. Long-term fans, which encompasses users who have been fans for 1 year or longer, on average spend 39% more than non-fans. Looks like there is some benefit to businesses by having a Facebook page!

Additionally, I cam across another interesting stat for social media that doesn't necessarily provide ROI, but is still insightful. According to a survey by InSites Consulting, 61% of US companies listen to consumer conversations on social media, and 83% respond to questions and complaints via social media.

How is this relevant to local businesses? The trend is growing in how companies, both big and small, communicate with their customers. By maintaining a Facebook page, your business can better serve your customers by keeping a pulse on what the customer is looking for and handling complaints. Your customers are going to talk regardless, so you might as well be apart of the conversation!

Hope this information is helpful, and happy 'Facebooking'!


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